I value memories. I value experiences. I value those moments of pure wonder, joy and magic.

Things I love: Jesus, Disney, Broadway Nature-Waterfalls, Willow Trees, Romance, History, Dreaming, Swimming, Pasta, Acting, Singing, Dancing, Halloween

"Your first kiss, what was it like?
I bet it was awkward, probably uncomfortable
During a playdate when you were 10 years old
Or at your best friend’s birthday party?
How was it?
Was it everything you’ve dreamed it would be?
Did you dream about it at all?
I did, all the time
Look at Cinderella, snow white, sleeping beauty
Their happy ending came with a kiss
It served as a start to a new beginning
A start to love, and fulfillment
I dreamt about it
I was programmed to dream about
Not by Disney, but by society
Romance is always the end goal for a woman
A man reaches his full potential when he owns his own business
A woman does so when her man puts a ring on it
The kiss, the marriage, the wedding, the engagement
That’s how all ‘happy endings’ end
So could I be happy single
Could you be happy, single?
Being a single woman is associated with living with dozens of cats and being old
And ugly and worthless and boring
A single woman is synonymous with being an unhappy woman
So little girls crave that first kiss
And look forward to it
They can’t wait for their first boyfriend
To be loved
To grow up
As if to be a fully developed and mature woman you should have a man at your side
Or really, to be on the side of a man
As girls, we are told that a man is the end goal
And that as a woman, that’s where life begins
Now you can do all the things on your bucket list
Now you can travel
Now you can follow your dreams
Now you can do everything you’ve ever wanted to do
Now you can watch a movie on a portable DVD player outside
On a blanket
Snuggling with that special someone
Now you can be okay with your body
Now you can stop caring about your makeup so much
Because a man loves you
A man loves you, so now you can love you"


world: we’re gonna use the scale where 0° is freezing and 100° is boiling.
america: cool, we’re gonna use the one that doesn’t make sense.


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Rest in Peace

….and now I am actually crying.

…and my heart just broke.

I’m so heartbroken right now..

It won’t be the same without a doubt. I’ll never stop missing him….


Land of those who fight to be free
and the home of the brave